Welcome to our guide that highlights tips and etiquette that make the attendance of advance movie screenings easier, less frustrating, and beneficial to everyone. This is an intermediate guide for those already familiar with the screening process. We’ll have a beginner article later this month.

I’ve interviewed regular and occasional screening attendees as well as studio representatives to formulate this guide. If you have any information that would be beneficial, please submit it here.

Tip #1: Be Accurate
Gofobo is a tool used by many movie studios to distribute passes to advance and promotional screenings. When you create an account on Gofobo (highly recommended you do this first), you are asked questions pertaining to your locale and demographic. Ensure you’ve correctly identified yourself to Gofobo. Doing so will earn you special invites to advance movie screenings in your area.

Tip #2: Be Active
It used to be you could only find free movie passes at local businesses – like finding a needle in a haystack. That’s not necessarily the case anymore. Be actively engaged with your favorite radio stations, newspaper and local movie critic websites, they might just have movie passes to give away. Also, search your zip code on Gofobo’s website frequently – often the studio will ‘Open’ a screening to the general public without warning. First come, first serve.

Tip #3: Be Fair
If Gofobo requests your attendance of a screening via email, do not share your RSVP invite code. This can upset the demographic data-gathering by studio reps. Also, do not create multiple accounts in hopes of reserving additional passes. This is a violation of the Gofobo Terms of Service (TOS), which could lead to an account suspension. Following the rules will reward you later.

Tip #4: Be Gracious
You have been invited (you are not entitled) to watch a movie free-of-charge. On average, a movie ticket today costs well-over $7d . Passes are limited, so do not reserve a pass unless you can attend that screening. If asked, give a quick movie review to an attending studio rep or by completing any on-line survey’s sent to you by Gofobo.

Tip #5: Be Early
Screenings are often over-booked to ensure the theater is full. The earlier you arrive to get in line, the better your seat will be.

There are many articles pertaining to this subject and you should familiarize yourself with all of them. This article explains the types of RSVP codes. The Gofobo FAQ and TOS are also excellent resources. Here is a great IFC article on general theater etiquette.