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Wrath Of The Titans

In theaters March 30, 2012

99 minutes

Wrath of the Titans is the closest thing to a roller coaster ride without actually being in a roller coaster. That’s the best way I can describe my experience during this film. If you came here expecting an analysis of the technical aspects of this flick, you came to the wrong place. Wrath is not that film.
Wrath of the Titans is the sequel to the heavily criticized (highly successful) Clash of the Titans. Clash is the poster child for the 3D naysayers, but with good reason, the 3D was a ripoff. With 3D, you never know what you are going to get, but most times it really isn’t needed. There are very few movies I would suggest spending the extra 3D fee on, but Wrath joins that suggestion list easily. In fact, the 3D is so well done in this movie, I don’t suggest watching it any other way.
Our movie picks up a decade or so following Perseus’s encounter with the Kraken. Perseus has retired to a life of fishing with his son Helius. Zeus, has been captured by his son Ares, and brother Hades. The gods have been weakened by humanity’s lack of devotion and prayer, so Hades/Ares seek to release Kronos, the imprisoned ultra-titan father of the gods, to destroy the human race. It once again becomes Perseus’s burden to rescue Zues and stop Hades, Ares, and the Titans from destroying the world.
Wrath doesn’t claim to be anything it is not, the trailer is a perfect display of what to expect during this movie: extreme effects, non-stop action, geek fantasy, bits of humor, and 3D on a whole new level. What I was amazed by was how fluid all the special effects fit in with the live action, flawless. The detail on the cyclops trio and Kronos were unbelievably well-done. I suppose Wrath will get ripped apart by the critics because it isn’t high art, it isn’t thick on the plot, it doesn’t contain a ton of dialogue. It’s an action-fantasy film, that’s it.

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