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Unfinished Business

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Starting your business is tough, but doing it spontaneously while having a family to support is just crazy. But that’s exactly what Vince Vaughn is out to do in his latest comedy, Unfinished Business. Dan (Vince Vaughn) walks away from a successful sales position in order to start a new one within the same industry. Accompanying him in his new business endeavors are two people on total polar opposites when it comes to experience. First up is Tim (Tom Wilkinson) who was just let go due to his advanced age. The second new recruit is Mike (Dave Franco) who has zero experience in their targeted field of expertise. At any rate, Dan is determined to distance himself from his former employer.

A year into their new venture together the team finally get some good news…or so they assume. They fly out of town to get that all important business closing handshake that would consummate the deal getting done. Unfortunately it isn’t that simple and are led on a globe trotting trip that concludes in Germany. The deal they thought they were inches from procuring has now turned into a cutthroat attempt for survival. This new account — which would breathe much needed life and money into the flailing company — appears to be a longshot at best.

Unfinished Business is a comedy about underdogs facing countless obstacles, while trying to succeed as small fish in a very large ocean. In this case, art may imitate life, because in order to thrive at the box office it will require some Hollywood magic. Vince Vaughn was never a huge box office draw on his own and his supporting cast don’t add enough value here.

Unfinished Business mistakenly attempts too much seriousness in its backstory. Dan is struggling with his home life due to being on the road so often, and as a by-product, both kids are acting out. There’s no real emotional attachment to this arc, making it appear as filler with no specific purpose. It’s these moments that will cause audiences to drift into boredom and indifference, and praying for the credits. There are funny moments, some even extremely hilarious. But it’s not enough to close the deal. I cannot recommend with good conscience that you rush out to see it. At the end of the day, Unfinished Business feels a bit unfinished.

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Movie Reelist Contributor: Carl Wheeler

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