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This Is The End

In theaters June 12, 2013

107 minutes

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (Pineapple Express) create the most vile Armageddon skit ever put to film in their directorial debut of This Is The End. It’s also the funniest film since A Haunted House, another horror-comedy deeply rooted in spoofing its source material.

Devoid of any moral compass, the biggest stars in entertainment (all playing themselves) congregate for an epic housewarming party at James Franco’s Hollywood mansion. Jay Baruchel is visiting his Canadian pal Rogen, but reluctant in involving himself with any of Rogen’s new posse, especially a star party. Jay despises these people but attends nonetheless.

A short time later blue beams of light start sucking people into the sky, followed by fire and brimstone and people sucked into giant fiery sinkholes. The director-duo written farce attacks morality and spirituality in a strangely compelling fashion as Rogen, Baruchel, Franco, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson and Danny McBride make up a small surviving group left to confront the forces of Hell lurking outside their door. The ensemble of comedians embark on a quest to redeem their souls, for a ticket to heaven.

The End challenges religious belief with the notion that all good deeds equal heavenly admittance, however, Baruchel’s skimming research of the Bible isn’t initially met with much consideration by the group. The hilarity continues throughout The End with witty pokes at film resumés and timely cameos from Emma Watson and Channing Tatum, and an unforgettable, Michael Cera. Salvation is revealed when a sincere and unselfish gesture from one survivor earns them a blue light ride.

This Is The End pushes its R-rating to exhaustively funny limits. It’s a no-apologies exposition of repulsive behavior and redemption and should not be overlooked this summer.

The End is here, June 12.

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  1. “This Is The End” was very good and better than expected. You are in for
    a roller-coaster ride of lots of surprising action comedy and
    suspenseful events. I really hated to see “The End” end 🙂

  2. HILARIOUS! There are so many things to laugh at I don’t know where to begin. Unfortunately the movie’s humor isn’t for everyone and I truly feel for those that can’t appreciate this type of film. You’re missing out on some good times people. This will probably be my favorite comedy of 2013.

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