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Think Like a Man Too

In theaters June 20, 2014

[hero heading=”THINK LIKE A MAN TOO” tagline=”Sequels, sequels and more sequels. Every other week there seems at least one. Kevin Hart and the gang have all reprised their roles in Think Like a Man Too. Should they have stopped at one or are their more laughs to be discovered?”]Director Tim Story and star Kevin Hart have teamed up once again with their second comedy in the last 5 months. Ride Along has grossed over $130 million and is considered a box office hit (yes a sequel is on the way for that too). Think Like a Man, also directed by Tim Story, was released in 2012. The film was financially successful, pulling in over $90 million. There’s very little doubt that Think Like a Man Too won’t follow that same path of profitability.

Think Like a Man Too brings everyone to Las Vegas for the wedding of Michael (Terrence Jenkins) and Candace (Regina Hall). Of course, before any Vegas wedding there must be a wild night out on the town. This comes in the form of bachelor and bachelorette parties. No matter how well thought out the plans are, there are always unforeseen pitfalls. The antagonist for the ladies group is Michael’s overbearing mother, played by Jenifer Lewis. As for the fellas, well they couldn’t get out of their own way if they tried.

The biggest contrast from first movie to second movie is the emotional tone. In the original there was character development and growth, infused with humor throughout. It was more or less a discovery and/or rediscovery on an intimate level, but in a funny way. Think Like a Man Too is mostly comedy. And that’s perfectly fine. Kevin Hart is front and center, as he should be. There is no doubt that he’s the focal point. His on-screen time is increased greatly, which should directly correspond to higher box office numbers. He truly is the hardest working man in Hollywood.

If you’re new to these movies and have never seen the original, Think Like a Man Too does just fine as a standalone comedy. Everything flows quite nicely and there’s never a feeling that you’ve missed the plot. There are plenty of funny moments, as well as some touching scenes. Vegas hasn’t been this fun in quite some time. Prepare to laugh and stay through the credits, assuming you’re interested in seeing a funny outtake.



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