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The cringe-worthy writing and occasional bad performance don’t completely detract from the fast-paced spectacle provided by Brick Mansions director Camille Delamarre. But the more important question is how this franchise will fare without Jason Statham behind the wheel. For me, Ed Skrein (Game of Thrones) is bland, but not necessarily bad.
He certainly upstages the film’s trio of bad guys, who right off the starting line assert their dominance in the French Riviera’s prostitution world with bullet-laiden violence, however, these pimps are boring and not the least bit intimidating. Fifteen years later and a few of Arkady Karasov’s (Radivoje Bukvic) prostitutes are hatching their escape and revenge plot. They enlist “the Transporter” Frank Martin (Ed Skrein) to help.
Frank operates within strict parameters: No names. The deal never changes. Never open the package. But Anna (Loan Chabanol), the mastermind of the operation, is well-aware of her driver’s rules and deceits him into further duty. Frank’s father (Ray Stevenson) falls victim to kidnapping by the prostitutes, forcing Frank’s hand. The action shifts into high gear with Frank disarming baddies with ropes, life-preserver rings and drawers. And there’s an amusing scene involving an Audi launching into an airport terminal. It’s satisfying action entertainment.
But The Transporter Refueled has flaws, not least of which are the shoddy performances and dialogue. Ray Stevenson plays his part exceptionally well and the chemistry with Skrein warrant both of their return in a potential sequel. They make decent work of the script’s mishandling of their relationship that sees daddy frequently and sarcastically breaking down his son’s career aspirations. The film’s antagonists are anything but intimidating due to a severe lack of motivation even though their tainted wealth is disappearing right before their eyes. They are overpaid, painfully bland henchmen.
Somewhere in this retreaded tire-d flick is a conversation about the human-trafficking epidemic. The crime is reprehensible, certainly relevant, yet Refueled dismisses the subject so it can still prance the female leads around in various levels of undress to benefit the audience. This is, after all, a Transporter film. It’s a surprising oversight in a mostly enjoyable action film.

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