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In the thriller The G (2024), forces massed against her learn to never take appearances for granted.

“The G” is gruff matron Ann (Dale Dickey), who owes nobody nothing, caring for her disabled husband Chip (Greg Ellwand) in their dilapidated home that she isn’t terribly motivated to keep clean. Ann is a hard-drinking, chain-smoking grandmother, playing the crappy cards life has dealt her with grim determination and a lot of four-letter words. She is told in no uncertain terms by her new legal guardian, Riviera (Bruce Ramsay) that she is too old to care for Chip, and together they are bodily moved into a care facility against their will. Ann can find no way out of her situation, while her husband’s health rapidly deteriorates. The facility is a stark, nondescript building with few amenities and muffled crying behind locked doors. The only person The G can trust is her granddaughter, Emma (Romane Denis), a young woman desperate to leave the dying urban neighborhoods behind for a chance to be happy. She idolizes “The G,” (her nickname for her grandmother) and investigates on her own who on the outside orchestrated the hostile takeover of their earthly possessions. Ann uncovers the sinister machinations attempting to grind her into submission and devises a takeover of her own, using her mind, body, and will to exact a revenge no one sees coming. The G isn’t a little old lady to be manhandled and she strikes back.

There is nothing supernatural about The G, no demonic forces or ghosts haunting the halls. This is a fictionalized expose on how America treats its senior citizens for the benefit of distant family members unwilling to wait for a natural death for a piece of the inheritance. Dale Dicky, always known for playing life-hardened older women, really leans into this role, revealing a backbone of pure steel. It’s rare to see older women portrayed as desired creatures, and I’m not ashamed to say I cheered during a bedroom scene few mainstream studios would dare present. Her honeyed rasp is both tender and terrifying. Romaine Denis plays street smart without being cocky, and dutiful without being dumb. Bruce Ramsay is the appointed legal guardian, who isn’t slimy so much as direct, and tasked with an unsavory job to leave as little a paper trail as possible.

I found The G very engrossing, with the acting and plot believable without straying into over-the-top territory. A tale of twisted arms, desperation, and slow-burning revenge, it’s dark and cold, a gritty modern noir with layers of apathy, violence, and endearing love tougher than old shoe leather. While not perfect, The G is a satisfying indie that should reach far more eyes than it will. It definitely belongs on a Best Of list.

The G (2024) is unrated, but call it an R for swears, people being buried alive, elder abuse, mutilation, extreme interrogation techniques, people getting shot, and people getting stabbed.

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