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Seth MacFarlane took a big risk in 2012 by stepping away from the comfort and success of his network television career in order to introduce the world to cute and fluffy foul-mouthed pothead bear with a wicked awesome Boston accent. As it turned out it was a move of genius as Ted became the fourth highest grossing R-rated movie of all time as well as number one for original comedies. Three short years and one huge box office misstep (A Million Ways to Die in the West) later, audiences get to see just what has been going on Johnny and Ted’s life in Ted 2.

John (Mark Wahlberg) is living the single life now since things didn’t work out with Lori, his former love interest. Ted (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) is now married to Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth) but they’ve hit the dreaded complacency point of their relationship. In order to shake this funk, Ted decides they should have a kid in order to help mend things. Since Ted’s still just a bear full of stuffing (and no working boy parts) they’re going to need to get creative here. This creativity comes first in the form of “procuring” sperm in order to impregnate Tami-Lynn. When that fails MISERABLY they turn to a more traditional alternative, adoption. Unfortunately that road leads to a very disappointing outcome, one that questions whether Ted deserves the same rights as humans or whether he’s simply property. Of course this is all played out in an absolutely outrageous way.

The chemistry is great in Ted 2. All of the parts work well together as one cohesive unit. As expected, the jokes are often off color and the language as well as the subject matter are extremely harsh at times. The plot, even though simplistic at first glance, is actually deeper than most might expect. No stone is left unturned and Seth MacFarlane as a director and writer, didn’t have too many missed opportunities when it came time to slide a joke or two in. Still, the comedy that he brings to both the large and small screen isn’t for everyone. On somewhat of a downside, it weighs in at a hefty 115 minutes which is definitely a little long for a comedy. Thankfully it should give your cheeks a little time to recover in between gags.

When it comes to the cast, Ted 2 did not skimp one single iota. Aside from Entourage, this might have the most recognizable faces in any other movie this year. Not everyone plays themselves but the parade of talent is a delight to watch march across the screen and should keep audiences on their toes throughout the feature. A few returning cast members from the first movie are Sam Jones, Giovanni Ribisi and Patrick Warburton; with Warburton once again bringing a little extra star power love interest just as he did in the first movie. If you want to caught off guard by the cameos I’d strongly advise against going to sites like IMDb or watching too many trailers. Surprises are better when they’re unexpected.

Listen up, Ted 2 cannot recreate the magical feelings we all felt in our funny bone after seeing Ted for the first time and that’s perfectly okay. But if it ain’t broke why fix it? What this sequel does bring is an extension of laughter as the zany duo of boy and bear continue to grow while facing ridiculous scenario after scenario. Every now and again it’s good practice to step away from the daily minutia and just have a little fun. Ted 2 offers just that while also teaching some life lessons about the absurdity of life along the way. Fans of the first should come away feeling relatively satisfied and refreshed after seeing this. Newcomers, well it isn’t too late to get on the bear bandwagon. This comedy is definitely worth checking out.

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