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Newsflash: the romantic comedy is not dead after all! After recent films like Shotgun Wedding and Your Place or Mine did their best to destroy the beloved genre once and for all, along comes Prime Video’s Somebody I Used to Know (2023), one of the most refreshing rom-coms in years.

So what sets this film apart from the rest of the schlock on streaming platforms? Simple: originality. Husband/wife duo, Dave Franco and Alison Brie, writing together for the first time, created a fresh, funny, heartwarming comedy that nails all of the emotions.

Somebody I Used to Know follows Ally (Brie), host of a reality show that is so far-fetched it could be real, as her life gets turned upside down with the cancellation of her TV series and the realization that she has little to show for years of hard work. No show, no love life, and seemingly no friends. A woman who is uncomfortable doing nothing yet now has nothing to do. Uncertain where to go and what to do next, she decides to return home to her small town to see her mom and it is there where she runs into her ex, Sean (Jay Ellis). An innocent lunch turns into a fun day and then night together before saying goodbye the next morning Рbut disaster strikes when Ally later discovers that Jay is engaged and only days away from marrying his much younger fiancé, Cassidy (Kiersey Clemons). With feelings again for her one-time love and thinking that Jay is what has been missing all of these years, Ally decides that getting him back will put her back on the right path.

Unlike many rom-coms, Somebody I Used to Know is rooted in reality. Everything is not sunshine and rainbows. Everything is not black or white. In fact, Franco who also directs the film, does a great job of keeping the viewer off-balance, making it difficult to decide who to root for. Now, it is Dave Franco and that means numerous penis and sex jokes as well as a fair share of nudity, but it actually works here, breaking up the heavier dramatic parts and reminding audiences that this is a comedy at its core.

Brie who shot to stardom with roles in Mad Men and the cult NBC comedy Communityand has since turned that success into leading roles in the critic-favorite Glow and countless film roles, flourishes as a woman confused about what and who she wants with her life. Her chemistry with Ellis is off-the-charts. Yet despite Brie’s recognizability, she still awaits the breakout role that she so deserves – one that takes her to the next level, headlining major studio films. With her piercing, big blue eyes, she owns the screen and can move fluidly from comedic to serious and back to comedic again.

After watching a screening of Somebody I Used to Know at the theatre, it is now clear why so many comedies (and rom-coms) today fail. Sure, crappy scripts have a lot to do with it, but it’s the fact that comedies are meant for an audience. There’s something magical about a large group of people enjoying a humorous or awkward moment together that is lost when viewing a film alone or with only a significant other. It completely changes the movie experience which makes it a shame that an indie film like this will be left for couples to watch on the couch or in bed – and if it’s anything like my house, with one person asleep. Do yourself a favor, make some popcorn, invite a bunch of friends over, and enjoy a good laugh together.

Somebody I Used to Know (2023) is now streaming on Prime Video.

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