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In theaters November 9, 2012

143 minutes

Sam Mendes (director, Road to Perdition) blends a perfect balance of Daniel Craig’s gritty 007, with the nostalgia and fun of the earliest Bond films.
Craig’s first turn at Bond in Casino Royale was a welcome departure from the outrageousness that had become the previous three films, starring Pierce Brosnan. But Royale lacked fun, and it lacked 007’s trademark idiosyncrasies made infamous in the Connery era. Quantum of Solace continued the all-grit trend, but in a downward spiral.
Mendes intends to right the ship.
Part of the fun in Skyfall is re-discovering the rich history of this 50 year old franchise. Bond’s new Q (Ben Wishaw) for instance, brings the gadgets, sans the bizarre. He opts for high-tech weaponry and simple homing radios. Though, Mendes manages to sneak in some classic gadgetry as well. In a beautifully shot casino scene, 007 enjoys his trademark Vodka Martini. A scene in which Craig nails his formal introduction, “Bond… James Bond”. Classic.
Resourceful, smart, and absolutely dangerous, Javier Bardem portrays Silva reminiscent of classic Bond staples, Blofeld and Goldfinger. He has a personal score to settle with M (Judy Dench) making him deadly and unpredictable. Bardem excels in this role.
If I had to pick on Skyfall, some scenes tend to drag a little. Also, Bond women are scarce this go ’round. But an important one is back, in a very welcome surprise.
Casino Royale was a great film. Skyfall is better. Craig has loosened up and feels comfortable as James Bond. Much like Fleming’s novels, Craig’s portrayal is suave, but deeply flawed. The early films brought fun, brought sexy. Skyfall is a melting pot of all these great elements.

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  1. Well said. Craig and and Bardem were excellent. Restores the Bond franchise nicely.

  2. “Bond girls are scarce”? How good could this be, sans the true staple of Bond movies?

  3. The typitcal james bond up to his old ways romanceing women with his charm killing bad guys what more can u ask for I thought the movie lived up to the hype it had a great story alittle surprised with the ending but it had me interested.

  4. Very thorough “SKYFALL” review CG. Keep up the good work. I also gave it 9 stars.

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