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Run All Night

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An estranged father is forced into a situation where he must go up against a lifelong friend in order to save the life of his son. Outgunned, outmatched and outnumbered; this father-son duo must mend fences quickly if either of them hope to make it to the next day. Making matters even worse for the pair is the fact that every cop in the city is hoping to get them in their crosshairs and play the hero. Run All Night is exactly what it sounds like. But does it have enough stamina to make it across the finish line or will it pull up lame?

Jimmy Conlon (Liam Neeson) is a washed up hit man who has pretty much walked away from his former mob life. But on this one fateful night the son of Jimmy’s oldest, dearest friend commits a cold blooded murder. And, in a wicked twist of fate, Jimmy’s own son happened to witness the murder. Mike Conlon (Joel Kinnaman) narrowly avoids death as manages to get away…at least for the time being. Once Mike’s identity is discovered Shawn (Ed Harris) reaches out to his old friend/associate, Jimmy to go talk some sense into the witness and hopefully defuse the volatile situation. Shawn also advises his own son to sit this one out while the matter is resolved. Of course this doesn’t happen which ultimately leads to Shawn losing his son that night. Vowing vengeance for his son’s death he goes after the Conlons with everything he has leading to a bloody next 16 hours.

Liam Neeson always seems to gravitate to these types of roles in recent years so you would think that by now it would have become “old hat”. Yet somehow he has found ways to keep things interesting. Run All Night may be the best performance in several years. Of course he was the typical bad ass that you would expect him to be but it was also flawed, majorly flawed. And it is in that aspect that he excels. The pain on his face, in his emotional responses is what stands out. He is a man living in a world of regret and despair. Director Jaume Collet-Serra, who also directed Neeson in Unknown and Non-Stop, gets the his lead actor this time around. While rooting for him throughout the movie audiences may also develop a sense of disdain for his character as well.

Ed Harris gives a very solid performance as an old school, heavy handed mobster who has evolved to interact in today’s society. He appears as a definite “family first” kind of guy as well as one loyal to his small circle of real friends. Harris displays a wide range of emotion which allows for an empathetic perspective to be taken on him to anyone who has been a husband, father, best friend or even a business owner to some extent. The point here is that his character, Shawn, has layers of complexity and Harris pulls it off without a hitch. It’s really Neeson and Harris that carry the movie but Joel Kinnaman does a decent job as well. Another actor who turns in a good performance is Vincent D’Onofrio who plays Detective Harding. Harding has been after Jimmy Conlon for years upon years for previously unsolved homicides.

The plot for Run All Night is one that is realistic and one that draws in audiences very quickly. There is a sense of unpredictability which should allow for tense moments from the beginning all the way through to the last scene. Violence goes hand-in-hand with movies like this so plan on turning away from time to time if you’re one that could be considered a bit squeamish. The R rating is earned but not in a senseless, over the top way done just for the sake of killing. Run All Night is suspenseful thriller with an engaging storyline that should entertain audiences, and possibly mentally exhaust them, from start to finish. Check this one out for sure.

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