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In Rock Dog‘s animated world where Johnny Cash is now a yak voiced by Sam Elliot, Bodi (Luke Wilson) is a young Tibetan Mastiff being groomed to guard a village of docile and dumber than yarn sheep from the wolves who live nearby. His father, the great guardian Khampa (J.K. Simmons) knows what’s best for the village, located on remote Snow Mountain, and the elimination of music is high on that list. Music is dangerous and distracting, but an unexpected gift from the sky drives Bodi to distraction, and he begins to believe his’s life work is playing music. The only way to convince Bodi his place is at the herd, Khampa allows him to seek his fortune n the City below, convinced Bodi will return, properly chastised to resume the herding. Bodi sets off to the City, sure he’ll be able to sit down with rock music legend, Angus Scattergood (Eddie Izzard) to learn how to play. Then he’ll get discovered in and become famous.
It’s really that easy.
Meanwhile, we have a band of wolves, and not just any wolves, Linnux (Lewis Back) is head of a wolf-pack crime syndicate with ties to what can only be described as illegal MMA boxing, extortion and murder for hire.
Like you do.
His passion in life is to climb the mountain, defeat the powerful dog and his massive army (this part is indeed a giggle) and eat the sheep. Because they’re wolves.
With Bodi away, Linnux’s dream might actually come true.
I mean, it’s cute in it’s over all naivety. Bodi’s repeated attempts to get Angus’ attention, his insistence that his dreams will come true because it’s never been any other way – all of it make it a likable movie, just not one you need to pay matinee price for. The message is simple enough – follow your dreams and almost nothing can stop you. You don’t even have to learn a lesson.There’s nothing to be wowed about, and it’s a predictable enough story who you know exactly who’s going to get disappointed and how much it’s going to hurt. The bad guys (also voiced by Kenan Thompson) are suitable inept, and kids will enjoy talking dogs, silly sheep and an angry cat.
This is a Chinese-American venture, without the weird jerky computer work of films like Caruso or the poor social translations seen in many international cooperations. While is has music, it’s not a musical and I don’t see you running out to buy the soundtrack anytime soon.
It’s loosely based on the book, Tibetan Rock Dog a graphic novel by Chinese rock musician,  Zheng Jun, and if an as adult, you take a step back to see the infinite possibilities of chasing dreams with nothing but a bus ticket and a smile, you might enjoy this.
Rock Dog is rated PG for cartoon violence and some mild language.

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