Rise of the Fellowship movie poster

Rise of the Fellowship

In theaters December 3, 2013

It’s official- nerdy is the new cool. In lieu of a sports game or dance competition, filmmaker Ron Newcomb centered his new teen flick around a Lord of the Rings video game tournament. And rather than spoof this type of activity or use it as a gag of some sort, Newcomb explains he was careful not to mock or make fun of fans by making it too goofy or silly. He’s dubbed the movie his “love letter to Tolkien” and created an adolescent world where even the popular kids are into the famous fantasy game, refreshingly different from your typical teen movie jock/ geek dichotomy.

Laced with phrases and scenes structured to be identical to The Fellowship of The Ring, it’s clear that Rise of the Fellowship is as much a love letter to Peter Jackson as it is to Tolkien. “I really fell in love with the movies and we wanted to achieve that aesthetic with the same color and music,” and the result is a wildly original blend of family comedy and wacky fantasy that’s a treat for anyone who loves The Lord of the Rings movies. You’ll be surprised at how much fun it is to pick out the references, which would probably make for a great party game.

You can learn more about the film’s cast and crew at riseofthefellowshipmovie.com

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