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Red Dawn

In theaters November 21, 2012

114 minutes

It may not have that Swayze charm, but Red Dawn packs enough BOOM to at least make it fun.
There’s history behind this reboot. From financial woes, to distribution, Red Dawn is lucky to have even seen the light of day.
In what’s likely to be the silliest invasion ever imagined for film, North Korean paratroopers make their landing in Spokane, Wa. A group of high school kids manage to escape into the nearby forest. Marine Jed Eckert (Chris Hemsworth) trains the teenagers, including his brother Matty (Josh Peck), into a guerrilla fighting force, The Wolverines. The siblings and team set out to take back their home.
Red Dawn is wacky and irresponsible. If you were expecting smart writing and a tight plot, this isn’t that film. This is an action flick in the spirit of Toy Soldiers and Taps. They were imperfect films, though hugely entertaining.
Even with the guerrilla marketing campaign, it could be a rough weekend for Red Dawn. Breaking Dawn 2 is relatively fresh, Life of Pi is life changing and Rise of the Guardians is, well… animated.

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