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Sigurd Svendsen (Pål Sverre Hagen) is a struggling archeologist and a single father. His field of work, uncovering Viking exploration, hasn’t produced enough results for his investors. But he finds career redemption in the form of an old Viking rune his partner finds near northern Norway. In his quest to prove that Vikings explored much further lands than history has shown, the archeologist is forced to bring his kids along for the adventure. Believed to be a map, the rune points to a remote cavern littered with Viking weapons and armor, a veritable treasure trove of history. But there is more to this discovery than initially thought and the family finds themselves fighting for their lives against an ancient monster.

Set against beautiful and awe-inspiring landscapes, Ragnarok makes exceptional use of its surroundings in capturing its adventurous tonality in the opening act. However, most of the action takes place upon a small island enveloped with dense forestation and inhabited by the movie’s primary antagonist, a large H.P. Lovecraft inspired aquatic monster, angry that her visitors have disturbed the nest. The setting creates a sense of claustrophobia for the bulk of the film’s 96 minutes. The film effectively delivers two competing themes with satisfactory results anchored by refreshing performances from the cast. Ragnarok falls apart in the closing act, ultimately failing to deliver on the suspense it built by leaning on cliche´ movie tropes to tie its loose ends. The CGI is also a let-down, but excusable with director Mikkel Brænne Sandemose and crew’s clever use of environment, lighting and camera angles. Ragnarok is a Norwegian film and is therefor subtitled, but dialogue and action don’t conflict with one another.

Ragnarok receives passing marks for its pleasant cinematography and acting, though it does falter at its climax. It is currently available on iTunes and in limited theatrical release.

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