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A Quiet Place Day One

In theaters June 28, 2024


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Much like the first ten minutes of A Quiet Place Part II (2020), A Quiet Place Day One (2024) fills in the origin story of the extraterrestrial creatures who track by sound, and the haplessly loud humans they hunt. The difference is, instead of quiet Upstate New York, this invasion lands in the Big Apple, where everything is taller and louder, and the destruction is more pronounced.

Samira (Lupita Nyong’o) marks her days in a hospice facility with her chonky support cat, Frodo, writing eloquent, if painfully truthful, poetry and waiting to die. The facility’s day nurse Rueben (Alex Wolff) offers to take Samira and other hospice residents to a show in the City, and gets talked into grabbing pizza afterwards. The outing is cut short when long-armed aliens drop from the sky and the armed military response manages to make matters worse. Shellshocked and in need of her pain medication, Sam and Frodo pick up another stray, Eric (Joseph Quinn), who is teetering between a full-blown panic attack and a desperate fear of being alone. Sam understands she is not long for this fight, and remains steadfast in search of her slice, but can’t shake the clinging shadow who could risk her life and the life of her cat. She agrees to take Eric to the docks where evacuation boats are waiting and together they must navigate a nightmarish landscape of destruction and creatures that live to hear you breathe.

A Quiet Place Day One is a story you have seen twice now, only with more people and a lot of glass. It makes you wonder what John Krasinski is working through that a qualified therapist can’t conquer. He doesn’t appear in this, by the way, none of the Abbotts do (they’re Upstate), but we do see a familiar face in Djimon Hounsou who played Henri in Part II.

Though familiar because there is no doubt you know what’s coming, A Quiet Place Day One is made better by a theater full of people very invested in staying completely silent. You may find yourself more invested in the cat, Frodo, which is fair because he is smart and very fluffy.

The story then isn’t about the creatures or the overt fight for survival, we know that comes from time, discipline and a lot of water. A Quiet Place Day One centers itself around the human needed for companionship, strength, and a reason to go on. Samira is tired of the pain and she’s looking for one more trip to Harlem to say goodbye and let the teeth fall where they may. Eric is far from home and is not equipped to make it on his own. They’ll need each other to make it those last few blocks, which is John K’s way of telling us family is who you choose, especially when the military fails us.

A Quiet Place Day One is still exciting to get lost in, and movies that have cats on leashes always make a day better, it’s just not giving anything new to chew on. It remains to be seen if there will be a sequel to the sequel, because I think we’ve exhausted the prequel aspect, but John K may have a few more demons to exorcise.

A Quiet Place Day One (2024) is rated PG-13 for swears, explosions, collapsing buildings, death, grief, people being snatched, suicidal ideations, and marionettes.

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