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Pretty Old

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When I was invited to view Pretty Old, I couldn’t imagine that there was still a Beauty Pageant for older ladies. Only to find out, there is, and has been for the past 30 years in Fall River, Massachusetts. Just for some historical background, the Ms. Senior Sweetheart Pageant was created 30 years ago, as a fundraiser for an organization, the Lions Club in Fall River. Instead of bake sales or dances, Len Kaplan, the organizer wanted something “out of the box”. Mr. Kaplan created this Pageant, which has grown over the past 30 years. Women from all parts of the United States, from the ages of 58-94 and “breathing” can enter. Keep in mind, these ladies, may be past Pageant winners while in their youth. As the beauty tradition continues, and their health maintains, these woman strive to be the best. Pretty Old done in documentary-style, gives the audience the history of some of these women. The audience learns their passion, their need for this competition and their fierce ability to show that even if you’re OLD, you can do anything. The organizer, Len Kaplan confirms that it’s not just the beauty that the judges are looking for, it’s the confidence, the talent that’s demonstrated, and how well these women show themselves to others. The documentary is slow, but the stories are interesting. Older lady friendships are created, and show that even if you’re old, you never need to slow down. -Melissa S.

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