Paranormal Activity 4 movie poster

Paranormal Activity 4

In theaters October 19, 2012

88 minutes

Here we are again talking about yet another Paranormal Activity movie.  Technically, based on timelines, this is actually the first sequel of the series.
So jumping right in here, the premise is pretty much same as it was for the first three movies.  Family lives in house, family gets cameras, the paranormal gets photogenic and finally, the movie ends abruptly.
I give the creators credit because once again they found a new and interesting camera angle.  This time it’s with laptop webcams and some jazzy Microsoft Xbox Kinect technology.  Both were very effective. There were more jumpy moments in this movie which also helped offset the familiar feel of the fourth installment.
It’s a definite must to have seen the previous movies (maybe not the 3rd since I’m not convinced it’s purpose has been revealed to date).  If you’re a fan of the franchise or even just the genre, this one is worth checking out.  Being surrounded by others who are on edge makes the experience more enjoyable, which is why I don’t have a problem recommending seeing it in theaters.

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Movie Reelist Contributor: Carl Wheeler


  1. Thanks for the film info. I will pass and share this film review on to others.

  2. I love the parnormal activity franchise each movie keeps u wanting more and more. This movie was well worth the wait it was not a disapointment but i want more it had me shocked up in some parts the story keeps getting better cant wait for one.

  3. I enjoyed this movie a lot better than the first three movies. I was disappointed in how it left too many loop holes, it really didn’t explain anything. It was confusing and left the film open for a paranormal 5.

  4. Saw this a few weeks ago. I love horror films so regardless of any reviews, I knew I’d see it anyway. I didn’t like it as much as the first 2 but I’m glad I saw it. I liked the webcam imaging too and that kinnect effects made the film more interesting. Of course, there are still unanswered questions so I’m looking forward to the next installment. Thanks for the review.

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