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Oasis: Supersonic

In theaters October 26th, 2016

To many fans, it felt like the band Oasis had just truly made it big when suddenly they were gone. Named after one of their most popular songs, Supersonic, this documentary manages to give perspective to those who were left in the dark, and a hearty introduction to those who may not have been familiar with the volatile Gallagher brothers.

Director Mat Whitecross manages to make a cohesive storyline out of bits and pieces for Oasis: Supersonic. We are given some background in to the lives of the infamous Liam and Noel Gallagher. What surprises me the most about being an American is just how many people have never heard of Oasis. They had eight number one albums in the U.K. and were often slated as being the biggest thing in rock since The Beatles. So what happened?

That’s what the documentary attempts to decode through private interviews, creative graphics, and tons of Oasis music. While there are no current interviews, the brothers were involved in Oasis: Supersonic sharing old footage and insight with the director. In response to the film itself, “Whitecross also said how Oasis guitarist Bonehead told him that the positive response to the film was ‘the first time Liam and Noel have agreed on something in 20 years’.”

Progress? Kind of but not really as the brothers still regularly throw jabs at one another in the media (at the premiere of this event Liam noted Noel’s absence was probably do to the fact that it wasn’t A-List enough for him). He said this just a few weeks ago. While there’s no talk of a reunion, fans remain hopeful. The film footage ends in ’96 while the band continued touring off-and-on until 2008. The silver lining lies in the fact that through the ups and downs they remained together; perhaps they could do it again? The real question is does the public still want to hear them?

You can see Oasis: Supersonic in a ONE NIGHT ONLY event taking place at the MAIN ART THEATER in Royal Oak and the MICHIGAN THEATER in Ann Arbor on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26.

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