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Low & Clear

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“The biggest mistake made about fishing is that it’s about catching fish. Fishing is a micro-examination about life itself.” J.T. Van Zandt opens the documentary film from Finback Films with this statement. Followed by imagery of rolling streams and playful wildlife, it becomes quickly clear, Low & Clear is a beautiful film. It’s a film about friendship, patience and spirituality in the most magnificent of settings.

J.T. Van Zandt and Alex “Xenie” Hall were starkly different men, however, the bond between them was immeasurable. They shared a passion for fly-fishing and the friendly rivalry of being the superior fisherman. But the two men couldn’t always spend their days sport fishing, responsibility would eventually (and did) get in the way. The two men slowly drifted apart. This documentary captures the two friends on a trip to the British Columbia wilderness to revisit a past friendship, and to catch a whole lot of fish.

The scenery posed an often distracting backdrop to this buddy-film from directors, Tyler Hughen and Kahlil Hudson. I was completely captivated by the visuals. The directors accomplished a wonderful depiction of nature’s beauty. At a brisk 70-minutes, Low & Clear makes short work of establishing backstory and philosophizing on life and friendship. Creating an effective story among such a grand backdrop, is an accomplished feat by the filmmakers.

Low & Clear brought home an Audience Award from the 2012 SXSW film festival. The documentary is available on DVD and Theatrical-on-Demand™ through Gathr Films. Bring your friends together for a screening at your local theater.

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