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In his farewell outing as the iconic Wolverine, Hugh Jackman bares his soul to the world. Logan marks Jackman’s ninth appearance as the self-healing retractable-claw wielding original Weapon X. He’s supported by the bold performance of serial X-Man leader Patrick Stewart and the wickedly entertaining newcomer Dafne Keen, but make no mistakes, Logan isn’t the safe PG-13 rated superhero ensemble movie you’re used to. Walk the Line’s James Mangold orchestrates the most violent action movie in recent memory. Yes, I’m well-aware of John Wick 2.
Wolverine’s always been a hairs-trigger away from losing control, but the dynamite has no fuse in the first 5 minutes of Logan. The opening scene sets the tone early with Logan passed out drunk on the side of the road. He’s picked up work driving a limo to earn cash toward getting him and Professor X the hell outta Dodge. Some car thieves learn quick that this man is completely unhinged. 

In his aging years, Logan’s self-regenerative powers don’t work quite as well and he’s fighting more pain as a result. Professor X isn’t any better. His brain is classified a weapon of mass destruction, due in part to the deterioration of his mind. It’s quite the stress load on Logan and fellow mutant Caliban (Stephen Merchant). It is believed they are the last of their kind.
Logan’s never had much luck laying low. He’s tracked down by a nurse (Elizabeth Rodriguez) and a child who need safe passage to North Dakota, but the nurse, Gabriela, quickly ends up dead. The child, Laura, , is an adolescent mutant with powers similar to Wolverine. She is the pint-sized, more feral version of Weapon X because she was trained that way in a secret facility of mutant children, however, evolved methods of creating weaponized mutants from scratch had the kids designated for termination. Gabriela and other facility caretakers escaped the Essex Corporation with the ill-fated children and plans to meet in safer haven, provided they survive being hunted.
Logan is reluctant to take the child, after all, bodies usually pile up when the Wolverine is hunted. And wouldn’t you know it, Laura can hold her own. Perhaps a little too well. Her rage is unequalled and damn is it fun to watch (and hear) little Dafne Keen unwind on some bad guys. They make their way to the Canadian border , but Essex isn’t far behind, setting up for one hell of a finale.
Logan is very much a western film where characters are traditionally the focal point, a stark departure from the grandiose set pieces and special effects of contemporary superhero films. We’re watching these characters at the end of their line, after careers of entrenched battles versus governments, criminal corporations and against their own kind. It’s gritty and shockingly violent; emphasis on shocking. Wolverine’s claws are deadly. But it’s Hugh Jackman’s performance that elevates the film. He is in his rawest form, giving the audience everything that is left in the tank after such an illustrious turn as one of comic book’s most iconic creations. Dare I say, award worthy. Mangold is no stranger to turning out Oscar nominated performances from his actors as he did with Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon, the latter earning her trophy. Whatever happens, Logan will be remembered as Jackman’s greatest. Claws down (sorry).

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