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L.A. to Vegas S01

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Workplace comedies have been a fixture of TV since Car 54, Where Are You? premiered in the early 60’s. It was only a matter of time until workplace comedies left the ground and found their way to the big blue sky.
Boasting an accomplished list of executive producers including Will Ferrell and frequent partner Adam McCay, as well as Modern Family‘s Steve Levitan, FOX kicks off the new year with the new ensemble comedy L.A. to Vegas. Featuring Dylan McDermott as Captain Dave, the show follows Captain Dave and flight attendants Ronnie (The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Kim Matula) and Bernard (Nathan Lee Graham) as they navigate the 45-minute trips from La La Land to the Sin City, for Jackpot Airlines. McDermott nails the cocky captain role complete with a cheesy mustache and even cheesier lines.
For those that have never made this short trip before, most passengers are generally bright-eyed and bushy tailed on the flight out, eager to win and party, but then broke or hungover on the flight back. For FOX, it provides the opportunity to inject a revolving cast of characters each week into its entertainment lineup. The pilot (premiering January 2nd) introduces the leads and supporting cast made up of Colin (Ed Weeks), an L.A.-based professor who makes the weekend trip to visit his son, Nichole (Olivia Macklin), a business savvy stripper, and Artem (Peter Stormare), a degenerate but caring gambler. Artem is most memorable, for better or worse, and reminiscent of CBS’s 2 Broke Girls Oleg but rather than every joke being about sex, everything revolves around gambling.
With three episodes available for preview, the Levitan-directed pilot earns the most laughs introducing cast members, a will they/won’t they dynamic between Ronnie and Colin, and a humorous subplot about a young couple choosing to get married in Vegas to escape their family. Future episodes include a boy traveling to Vegas for his Bar Mitzvah, a passenger that doesn’t quite make it through the short flight, and after 32 years of being confused with one another, Dylan McDermott and Dermot Mulroney sharing the screen.
Paired with the underrated The Mick, Fox is setting itself up for a great hour of comedy.
L.A. to Vegas premieres this Tuesday, January 2nd at 9:00PM EST.

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