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I Love Bekka and Lucy S01

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Two best friends with little to no responsibility, complete and utter adoration for one another, living in an adorable little home at the end of an almost completely isolated neighborhood- prime for getting in to shenanigans with. This is kind of the dream for many best friends in there 20 somethings. Living without their parents but not quite ready to be parents or take on any extra responsibility for that matter.
This is the life of Bekka (Jessica Parker Kennedy) and Lucy (Tanisha Long). Two beautiful young women with plenty of time to go swimming in their local pool with adorable coordinating swim caps and moments in their day to let out synchronized screams. They’re lives are almost inhibited by their comfort in what has come to be known as their normal, and that’s okay. All is well for these besties until Lucy’s boyfriend proposes and she considers moving out. Bekka is pretty much devastated by this (even though you would think it was somewhat inevitable). It doesn’t help that there secluded little neighborhood is impeded upon by a new neighbor, Glen (Alexis Denisof). He’s awkward and a bit older, but his persistence is pretty adorable and adds a whole new dynamic to the now growing (apart?) best friends.
The short eleven episodes play out like a feature length film with the highs and lows of their friendship pacing nicely. Rachel Holder (writer and director) does a fantastic job of shooting each episode. Each shot is artistic and so pleasing to the viewer’s eye. The rapport between both Bekka and Lucy is fantastic and almost feels like Broad City type sincerity, which is why I was shocked to know that these actresses truly did not know each other before shooting, you can read about that in my interview with Rachel Holder, here.
An added bonus to this show is the fact that it stars two women of color, who are all but free from the stereotypical tropes of Hollywood. In addition to that, this isn’t women who are being catty towards one another, it’s a true friendship that is going through some growth spurts and it’s presented in an organic fashion. This was a well written and well past first season and I can’t wait to see what happens if there’s a sophomore year.

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