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Hot Tub Time Machine 2

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After changing their past in the first Hot Tub Time Machine in order to have a more prosperous and presumably better future, Lou (Rob Corddry), Nick (Craig Robinson) and Jacob (Clarke Duke) find themselves once again up to their eyeballs in another time traveling mess. This time the gang is out to find the mystery person who attempts to murder Lou at a party. The main problem is that Lou is not a very likeable guy therefore the list of potential suspects is rather long. The thought is to go back in time and stop the event from happening but as it turns out the hot tub has other plans and thrusts the three into the future instead.

The original fourth member of the group, Adam played by John Cusack is absent from Hot Tub Time Machine 2 with only the occasional mention of him. He is replaced, very inadequately so I might add by a fourth person that has ties to Cusack’s character. Adam, Jr. (Adam Scott) is introduced in the future timeline where Lou and company jump to on the eve of Adam, Jr.’s wedding. Originally I wondered exactly what Cusack could be doing that would prevent him from reprising his role. It’s not like his acting plate is full with work. Well sadly after witnessing this debacle I’m pretty sure Cusack made a wise decision by distancing himself from this failed attempt at humor.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 had very few quality scenes of laughter. Yes there are some funny scenes but they are just mostly fleeting moments. The overall feel was one of going through the motions and just lazy writing pure and simple. It was one gag after another much like you’d expect with a group of 13 year-old boys at a sleepover. And it’s also worth noting that even fewer of these comical moments involved Adam Scott. He was just not a good casting choice for this one. The main plot of the story itself was not engaging nor was it interesting. Some of the best parts actually come at the end after the main story had been wrapped up.

The particular phrase, “don’t go in the water” was made famous in the original Jaws. Well I’m dusting it off and use it again 40 years later as a warning to those keen on seeing a sequel that was as entertaining as the first. If you liked the original Hot Tub Time Machine and want to keep those happy thoughts I’d think long and hard before seeing this new one. After all we don’t have the luxury of going back and changing history so you’ll just have to kiss the money spent and time wasted goodbye. Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is about as enjoyable as being stuck in a nonfunctioning hot tub for 90 minutes during a blizzard.

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