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Here Comes The Boom

In theaters October 12, 2012

105 minutes

A noticeably slimmer Kevin James plays Scott Voss, a slacker high school science teacher who doesn’t care about much these days. Like many schools nowadays, his is in danger of eliminating the music program, due to budget cuts. Voss is inspired to raise the necessary funds to prevent the program’s closure, and decides a stint in mixed martial arts (MMA) is the answer. With the help of his music director turned corner man Marty (Henry Winkler), ex-MMA fighter Niko (Bas Rutten), and the school nurse (Bella Flores, played by Salma Hayek), Voss risks life and limb to win the big money.[/toggle_simple] Here Comes The Boom is one of those rare and elusive Happy Madison films, that doesn’t actually suck.
I am not a fan of Kevin James’ work, nor am I of Happy Madison, since maybe Joe Dirt (that’s 2001 for those keeping track). The usual James fat-boy shtick is here, but damn has he lost a few pounds.
Boom is not the usual garbage Happy Madison is shamelessly satisfied with churning out these days (Jack & Jill, anyone?). It’s that situation I’ve come to expect from the studio, so when I end up leaving a screening of Here Come The Boom a newfound Kevin James fan, you know it’s something special. Boom sheds the low-brow shit jokes and instead, opts for some good ‘ol clean slapstick and self-deprecating humor. But at the heart of Boom is an inspiring story of the lengths a man will take for something he believes in. In this case, the “forgettable” fine arts program. It’s a tad corny and the premise, unconvincing, but it all kind of works together.
As a fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championships, you’re often (miss)treated to the inevitable Kevin James ring-side interview. He’s a disciple of the sport, the guy hardly misses a major card. It’s this fandom I suspect results in a Joe Rogan, Krzysztof Soszynski, Jason “Mayhem” Miller and a few other MMA cameo’s, oh, and the first officially licensed UFC endorsement.
Here Comes The Boom is a satisfactory selection for a family weekend excursion. The usual Happy Madison fare is ditched for a friendly, PG romp. It comes recommended by this ex-Kevin James hater.

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  1. A feel good/entertaining movie w/o the drugs, language, sex, and violence that many movies have. One of Kevin James best.

  2. Here Comes The Boom exceeded all of my expectations by leaps and bounds. I never thought I’d ever say the words “MMA” and “family friendly” in the same sentence. This was a very good, solid movie where Kevin James didn’t get overly slapstick. Guess what, it works. I highly recommend checking this one out in theaters as it has something for the entire family.

  3. Loved this movie!! A real feel good, full of values, stand up for what you believe in kind of movie. This film cast a whole new light on Kevin James for me…and what a terrific cast….this is family friendly all the way around!

  4. I was looking for some good laughs the night I seen “Here Comes The Boom” and the film delivered the comedy. Kevin James does his best work in this “Rocky”/”Warrior” type movie with the FUN spin added. See this movie at the cinema and you will agree 🙂

  5. Great movie. I really enjoyed this movie. Kevin James was a great choice for this movie, it was funny , serious and inspiring. It had some violence but it was part of the fighting. Still one of the best movies I have seen.

  6. I really enjoyed this movie! It one of those movies you watch to lift your spirits. Laugh out Loud funny! Definitely a must see!

  7. Great story with good message for kids. I thought it was really funny and kept my attention the entire movie.

  8. Laugh out LOUD!!! Feel Good Film…it had something for everyone….eyecandy for the guys with the lovely Selma Hayek and Strong Musclebound guys for the ladies…Great message for the kids!!! Great film overall…but if you need a good hearty laugh…Run don’t walk to this movie because it delivers! :-)))))

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