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Here Before shows you all of the terrifying things it could be from the opening shots – obsession, child kidnapping, child manipulation, and murder.

Laura (Andrea Riseborough) and Brendan (Jonjo O’Neil), with their son Tadgh (Lewis McAskie), are quietly picking up the pieces of their shattered lives. A few years before, their young daughter was killed in an auto accident. Though they aren’t dwelling on the past, the weight of her absence is crushing to Laura. One day a new family moves in with their young daughter, Megan (Niamh Dornan), and Laura cannot help but latch on to the young girl in a way that makes everyone uncomfortable. Andrea offers rides and dinner to the child, and Megan leans in hard to the attention, telegraphing that she may be more comfortable with Laura’s family than anyone realizes. Here Before confronts grief and secrets as the tension over Megan’s troubling personality quirks and Laura’s slipping grip on reality push towards a wild third act.

There is a little Audrey Rose (1977) and The Bad Seed (1956) sprinkled throughout Here Before and without giving away any spoilers, I can safely say nothing, as the psychological thriller will keep you guessing right up to the final punch. Stacey Gregg has crafted a tightly woven tale rife with misdirection and unease as Laura is forced to revisit all of the emotions and she was sure she had a handle on. The ripples threaten to capsize her happy home, and we see the short and long-term effects of her actions on her family and Megna’s parents, Marie (Eileen O’Higgins) and Chris (Martin McCann).

Here Before (2021) is Unrated and, other than the palpable tension, has no on-screen blood, no child injuries, sex, no violence, other than emotional trauma. Here Before is currently seeking U.S. distribution.

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