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Golden Shoes

Coming Soon was delighted to be invited to the premiere of Golden Shoes in Metro Detroit. Director/screenwriter Lance Kwas and storywriter Norman Koza teamed up to bring this film to life. The premiere itself was nothing short of a family affair, seeing as Norman Koza is the father of the film’s star, Christian Koza. Christian’s real life soccer team took pictures on the carpet alongside Christian. Montel Williams handled interviews and fans (stopping for the occasional selfie) with ease and confidence, expressing his love for the film and hope there will be a sequel. Norman Koza told how they auditioned many actors that they were told could play soccer, but that turned out not to be the case. He didn’t have to look further than in front of him to find a talented soccer player, and thus the Koza Duo was born.
Filmed in Metro Detroit, starring Montel Williams, Vivica A. Fox, David DeLuise, Eric Roberts, and newcomer Christian Koza, Golden Shoes is the feel good story of a child who is in need of a pick me up. With his father and mother out of commission, Christian (his name in both real life and the film) is a Cinderella of sorts, living in a home where he is not welcome. In this story, the fairy godmother is none other than Williams in the form of a shoe salesmen; only instead of a glass slipper, Christian is given magical golden shoes that make him play soccer better.
David DeLuise (Wizards of Waverly Place) plays the encouraging coach, Vivica A.Fox is the supportive nurse, and Eric Roberts is the mean and slightly creepy neighbor. I enjoyed this cast because they’re all so accomplished and professional, and the roles just fit.
The tale is as old as time, but even in its familiarity, there is comfort in a story with a positive message. This is a good family film with zero violence and a single swear word. My cynical side struggled with the unlikely events; hung up on little things (why was the mom in the hospital for what seemed like weeks over a broken leg? Answer me that!). If you are a nitpicker or one that takes joy in realistic stories, then this film is probably not for you. If you take this film for what it is, then you may enjoy the story of the young man with a pair of Golden Shoes.

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