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Cute Little Buggers

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The bar for creating and introducing CGI characters in feature films has been set pretty high, since many of the summer blockbusters now utilize this technique to help create the visually unimaginable on-screen as well as help to increase box office revenue off screen. Now, any film that incorporates the process of CGI into their films is either attempting to breathe real life into a formerly lifeless idea on film, or that the filmmakers are pairing their CGI creations with elements of reality hoping for a seamlessly believable visual on screen. The resulting effects would reflect the budget allotted to visual effects, as well as to determine whether the quality of these effects are for comedic purposes or not. Cute Little Buggers showcases the blending of adorably fearsome CGI killer rabbits with their real-life victims on screen. Whether these rabbits lack in realism due to a low budget or for an added comedic effect, it is unclear.

The film casts mostly British actors. Some filmgoers would argue that movies starring British actors automatically carry some implied sense of sophistication with them. Whether this is true or not does not guarantee that the film will be any good. As is the case here.

Two fish-faced aliens decide to deliver several killer rabbits to Earth for no other reason than their enjoyment. Fortune-teller Mystic Mary (Caroline Munro), Phillis (Honey Holmes), Becca (Dani Thompson), semi-retired actor Randy Rocksoff (Gary Martin), Melchior (Kristofer Dayne), Pastor Hitchins (Sara Dee), and Pastor James (John R. Walker) are attacked by the rabbits during an outdoor gathering. Cute Little Buggers is director Tony Jopia’s third feature film with a fourth one on the way. After observing his work resume, it would seem Jopia prefers creating low-budget films like this. This film had a budget of roughly £25,000 per IMDb, so it would seem like Jopia spent minimal time with both character development and visual effects.

Some possible inspirations which could have led to the concept of the rabbits: someone really loved the killer rabbits from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and there was either a fan of the Tremor series, or someone thought the baddies in Blade II were killer.

There are worse horror films starring animated adversaries out there (yes, I’m talking about you Birdemic 2), but unless the films are meant to be self-parodies, it can be incredibly challenging for an audience to sympathize and fear for characters when they are being attacked by clearly. animated. rabbits.

Easter is around the corner – there are plenty of killer rabbit films to rent that are better then this one.

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