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Cuban Fury

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Every now and then a movie comes along and catches me by surprise. A movie where I go into it with an attitude of “why the heck not?”, but come out of it extremely glad I went. In this case, Cuban Fury was that movie.

Cuban Fury has a basic rom-com plot, executed very well ~ Boy loves to dance. Boy gives up dancing, grows up. Boy rediscovers dancing for a girl, and ends up rediscovering himself.

The film has well-cast characters. Nick Frost is perfect as the loveable and relatable leading man, Bruce, who is just too afraid to go after what he really wants in life. This is something I believe many people will relate to. Rashida Jones (Julia) is the perfect object of his affections, because she is cute, funny and charming. Chris O’Down (Drew) is the quintessential office prick, who stands in our hero’s way by trying to seduce the girl first. The remaining cast is phenomenal, and no one gets their acting moment at the expense of another. However, one exception is Kayvan Novak as Bejan; Bruce’s gay Persian dancing buddy, who just about steals any scene he is in.

Cuban Fury has a ton of retro 80’s references, from Back to the Future to the Goonies. This movie has both physical and verbal comedy, that will have you smiling and laughing, albeit begrudgingly, on occasion. Most of all, it has heart. You may go in expecting cheesy comedy, but this movie finds a way into your heart.


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  1. Most romantic comedies with dancing are chick flicks. This is really a guy movie, more about men’s thinking, insecurities, desires, and relationships. I don’t use this word often, but this movie was charming. A great date movie.

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