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It’s been over 30 years since Ivan Drago lost to Rocky Balboa in the legendary boxing match held in Russia. Since his loss, Ivan has been living a life of disgrace – his wife left him and his country shames him. His hope in redemption lies within his son, Viktor. Ivan trains Viktor as hard as he had been trained decades ago. The Dragos prepare to redeem themselves for their country and to restore pride to their family. A boxing promoter has been monitoring Viktor’s progress. He is ready.

Stateside, Adonis Johnson (Creed) is planning his future with his girlfriend, and he’s close to winning the championship boxing belt. Rocky Balboa could not be any prouder of his protege. This would be the best time for a challenge – an epic boxing match: Drago vs. Creed – round 2…of sorts.

CREED II has Michael B. Jordan reprising his role as Adonis Johnson, Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa, Tessa Thompson as Creed’s girlfriend Bianca, Phylicia Rashad as Creed’s mother Mary Anne, Dolph Lundgren as Ivan Drago, Florian ‘Big Nasty’ Munteanu as Ivan’s son Viktor Drago, and Russell Hornsby as meddling promoter Buddy Marcelle. There are three or four cameos, from the earlier Rocky films, for those Rocky fans to enjoy.

Fans of the first Creed, and/or of Adonis, will appreciate the growth he has experienced since the last film. Much like Balboa did in his early boxing days, Adonis tries to balance his fame with a future, adding in the possibility for creating a family of his own. When approached with the Drago challenge, Adonis has to learn to focus and not allow his emotions to overcome him.

Fans of Balboa are given the rematch, of sorts, that they may not have known they have wanted for three decades. At the very least, considering the direction the Rocky sequels were going, one cannot help but be curious what a Drago/Balboa reunion would do. While both Creed I and II maintain the focus on their main character, this sequel allowed Rocky some quality screen time to work on himself.Meanwhile, Ivan deals with his son struggling with the same expectations as were expected from him three decades ago. As Ivan travels down the same road with his son that he took in his fighting days, Ivan struggles with which values are most important between a father and son.

Adonis is no Rocky, but he is his fathers son, which gives him enough heart to aid in rivaling his own stubbornness. Steven Caple Jr. took over for Ryan Coogler (Creed (2015)) as director of this sequel. Cable succeeds with allowing all characters ample screen time to learn, grow, and evolve within the story, while still remaining within the boundaries of the characters limits and expectations. Creed II is a well-balanced film that works as a plausible and entertaining sequel to a solid and evolving franchise.. Catch this one for the holidays.


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