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Blood Widow

In theaters June 3, 2014

[hero heading=”BLOOD WIDOW” tagline=”What’s the first thing you should do after buying a weekend home in the middle of nowhere? Go exploring around the vacant house next to you of course. Nothing bad ever comes from stuff like that.”] Laurie (Danielle Lilley) and Hugh (Brandon Kyle Peters) have just closed on a new place where they can spend some away time as they see fit. They bring along several friends to help with the moving-in process. What Laurie doesn’t know is that Hugh has a weekend bash planned to christen the house. What no one knows is that the adjacent property has a dark murderous secret lurking about, waiting for fresh prey. Blood Widow is unrated but contains adult language, strong violence, gore and nudity.

What’s that old saying? Curiosity killed the cat? Well in the case of Blood Widow that’s exactly what happens. The overall feel of the movie is your typical 80’s/90’s slasher type. You know, the ones where poking around where you don’t belong gets you killed. Having sex gets you killed. Not heeding obvious warnings gets you killed. Well you get the idea here. You just get killed.

Blood Widow does a good job keeping it simple and staying with what works. That would be gore. Don’t get me wrong here, it isn’t blood porn or anything, but the effects department really gets to stretch its legs when it comes to killing off characters. Quick! Someone grab some more jugs of fake blood! Since there’s no secret that what you’re watching is a B-movie, the expectations for a big budget, engaging story with top notch acting is out the window. This simply allows the viewer to take it for what it is and enjoy it.

Lead actress Danielle Lilley is definitely the strongest actor of the bunch. Actually, she’s probably the strongest actor due to her love for fitness training. She seems quite comfortable with her action scenes, making what was portrayed on-screen as more believable. The other performance worth mentioning is that of Gabrielle Ann Henry who plays the Blood Widow. She does not speak, but the way that she handles herself and moves so fluidly with a childlike curiosity, is very creepy in its own way. The white, emotionless mask she dons throughout the movie has an eerie look to it. The fact that she never speaks only kills gives a greater sense of impending doom.

If you’ve got a hankering for a horror movie that’s a little off the beaten path, head out to your closest Redbox and pick up a copy. Blood Widow will be available for rental as of June 3, 2014.



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  1. The film had a lot of errors. They really need to open a school for directors. Your villain needs a back story, not just to pop up and start killing. There needs to be a why. I’ve seen this twice now in these low budget indie films. Also I cant count how many times the dialogue was missing from scenes. The villain was very well made and deserved a much better story than this.

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