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Barbershop: The Next Cut

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Some may already know this while others are only just finding out about this phenomenon, but neighborhood barbershops are more than a place of business where people go to get their hair cut. For some communities, these establishments are similar to your local corner bar. People go there to hang out, chat, laugh and tell tall tales. These places are kind of like Cheers where everyone knows your name. One such place is located on the South Side of Chicago and it has quite the storied history. Barbershop: The Next Cut tells the chapter of this haircutting chronicle.
It’s been more than ten years since we last saw Calvin’s Barbershop. Much has happened over that time. Barbershop: The Next Cut follows an older wiser, more subdued Calvin (Ice Cube) as he continues to thrive as the owner of THE barbershop where people have come for good cuts and even better conversations. With his stable of very talented coworkers/friends by his side things are pretty good. But even surrounded by these friendly people in the cozy confines of this home away from home for many of them, outside those four walls is a neighborhood on brink of violence every moment of every day. In addition to watching over his family busy, Calvin also has a teenage son to lookout for. And it’s the convergence of the constant violence and the natural paternal instincts for protection that gives this “comedy” a serious dose of heavy drama.
Listen, don’t get it twisted, Barbershop: The Next Cut is a comedy first and foremost. Having said that, the tension that comes with real-life scenarios that many face on a daily basis adds somber moments of clarity. This fourth movie in the franchise (Barbershop (2002), Barbershop 2 (2004), Beauty Shop (2005)) is chock-full of belly grabbing laughs just like the previous ones. In contrast, the serious side is a little heavier than the others. The emotional rollercoaster ride that is attached has way more ups than downs with is a good thing.
The cast of Barbershop: The Next Cut is grand which means with so many familiar faces involved, not everyone will receive “enough” screen time to satisfy certain fans. Director Malcolm D. Lee had quite the names to juggle and you couldn’t pay me to be in charge of editing this movie for the sake of cutting actors’ times down. A sampling of some of the stars in the movie are Cedric the Entertainer, Common, Eve, Nicki Minaj, J.B. Smoove, Regina Hall (WITHOUT Kevin Hart), Anthony Anderson and Deon Cole. With a lineup like this it should come as very little surprise that the comedic moments are done very well. I’m sure the improvisation was at expert level while filming which should bring some great extras when Blu-ray time rolls around. What is a bit of a shock is how all of these ingredients come together in the heartfelt moments.
You’d assume that since we’re onto movie number four that seeing at least one of the previous films is necessary. Well you’d be incorrect in that assumption just like I was. Barbershop: The Next Cut does a good job standing on its own with the story that is being told. Having said that, seeing the other movies will give a deeper understanding and investment to many of its characters. Malcolm D. Lee brings his A-game to the Ice Cube lead ensemble comedy and the benefactors of this collaboration will be those people that choose to head out over the next few weekends to drop a few dollars on this movie. Check out in theaters right now.

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