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Alex Cross

In theaters October 19, 2012

101 minutes

Alex Cross (Tyler Perry) is a detective on the Detroit beat. He’s specializes in psychology and can figure out criminal behavior better than anyone. He’s backed up by Tommy Kane (Edward Burns) and Monica Ashe (Rachel Nichols).
A psychotic assassin is on the loose in Detroit, they call him Picasso (Matthew Fox) because of the charcoal drawings he tends to leave behind with his victims.
Picasso hasn’t taken lightly to Cross’s interference in his current assassination attempts. This doesn’t fit Cross’s profile of Picasso and thus he suffers a serious consequence of his missed evaluation. Now that things are personal, Cross will stop at nothing to bring this criminal to justice.
I’m going to shoot right to the point. Alex Cross is bad. On the surface, it’s a serious psychological thriller, written by famed novelist, James Patterson. What you get is a poorly written screenplay emphasized by highly melodramatic acting.
There’s a certain amount of respect to be given to Tyler Perry for taking on a role completely outside his comfort zone (you know, the one where he dresses up as a cranky old woman). To Perry’s defense, he plays Cross with a high level of respect and seriousness. You cannot deny the charm of Tyler Perry, but its his curse here. Patterson’s Cross isn’t a hard edged cop, he’s a model servant of the community and a family man at heart. While Perry would certainly fill those shoes most of the time, when it comes time for Cross to perform his detective speciality, Perry just isn’t beleivable.
Not much can be said about the remaining cast. With the possible exception of Matthew Fox, everyone else tends to play this as an ordinary Lifetime special. It accentuates the really big issue for Cross – writing and direction.
Plot points are predictable, the screenplay laughable at best. It’s a wonder any studio gave the green light to release this abomination. And I’m being nice. The film’s director, Rob Cohen (The Fast and the Furious) show’s a complete lack of respect for the genre. This is a mystery/thriller, Cohen spits out a melodramatic police procedural.
Skip it, forget it ever existed. You’d have better luck renting a Madea film.

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Movie Reelist Contributor: Chris Giroux
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  1. I would have to totally disagree with you. Tyler did a good job as Alex Cross. I would have to say that there were room for approvement with the movie. But overall it was entertaining. This is a movie that you will have to make your own decision whether you should go see. Do not based your choice on the critics because they do not like or get Tyler Perry.

  2. I totally agree with your review Chris. Tyler. Perry character was not believable. Some parts during the movie was like the rest of his films. Matthew Fox character was very good. He brought all the action. I was disappointed with Tyler Perry and this film. I believe his best work is when he dressed up as Madea. This movie is recommended for the true Tyler Perry fans.

  3. I just thought the movie was terrible it had a good story but it didnt seem real to me. Tyler perry acting was terrible they should of cast someone else for the role. The stuff he was saying in the movie no one says that stuff. Im just glad it was free.

  4. This film was your average low budget action film that will do better as a DVD rental than on the BIG screen. Enjoyed the scenes of Detroit, but that was the only thing that was realistic to me. If you really have to see this film, wait for the rental. This cross gets an X 🙁

  5. I disagree with you folks> Tyler Perry was as I have never seen him and I enjoyed it.Unlike others I an separate him from Madea. I thought he was good and believable. I understand where everyone is coming from however. I still have a hard time accepting The Fonz in a serious role.

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