7 Not-To-Miss Movies About Horses To Watch This Summer

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Probably, today is one of those empty boring days where you have nothing special to do. Going outside when the weather is impervious wouldn't help at all. So, what can you do stuck at home? Although being at home may sound mind-numbingly boring, there are still a lot of things that you may consider doing to fill in your time and make this empty day go off.

A Classic-Styled Choice: Watching Movies

You may think that you are not so young to spend time watching movies, but many childhood favorite works are great to watch at any age. Think about when you were younger: those fantasy or history-based movies with horses could conquer your attention from the first second to the last one of the entire movie. That's why you should look for such movies! The internet comes useful when it comes to looking for something and, in fact, you can find a completely impressive amazing selection of great movies to watch online or download.

If you can't download anything, it's probably because you need to find an appropriate app online to install. Once you have it on your device, you can start downloading your favorite movies all the time.

Movies with animals and pets are usually the most fascinating. We all love to discover something more about their life and natural abilities. But it seems that movies with horses are a true evergreen in the entire worldwide cinema production. Here are a few tips for you for when you want to watch horse racing movies recommended by Japanbets: just take a pen and a paper to make a note of the following masterpieces to try:

  1. War Horse – 2011
    This movie is one of the most recent and inspiring ever produced. War Horse is about the story of the special bond between a man and his horse. You will dive into the powerful sentiment that can arise when human beings deal with horses, these special loving animals. War Horse is set during the time of the war, but it's entirely devoted to the strong love and friendship that is always possible to create with sensitive animals like horses.

  2. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron – 2002Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
    If you want to involve your kids, Spirit is the right choice for the entire family. This movie is about Spirit, a wild mustang, that has to go through a series of apparently impossible odds. The story looks adventurous and full of bravery. Spirit can create a special relationship of love and trustworthiness with a group of soldiers. Then, he falls in love with a pretty mare, Rain. So, the adventure must go on to conquer her heart.

  3. Champions – 1981
    For those who love vintage films, Champion is a not-to-miss occasion for enjoying some free time. This movie is the story of Bob Champion and his horse. The two must face a lot of difficulties all through the story. It's a real-world story that will keep you breath-taking all the time.

  4. The Black Stallion – 1979
    Alec is a boy who got left young on an island where there's also a mysterious Arabian stallion. Being on the same island, both the horse and the young boy have to establish a balance and find a common ground. So, this movie sounds like the tale of the whimsical bond they create to face a special event: the fastest horse race ever organized in the country. This movie is not just a story for kids, it's an amazing experience recommended at any age.

  5. Secretariat – 2010
    If you are looking for a drama movie to watch with kids, Secretariat is one of the ideal choices you can do. It's a story released by Disney in 2010 depicting the world of racetracks. Dive into the courage and determination of Big Red (Secretariat) and his owner. The story is inspired by a real-world racehorse that died in 1979.

  6. Hidalgo – 2004Hidalgo
    The western genre is an evergreen pool of interesting works in cinema production. Hidalgo is a stunning biographical story fully inspired by the legendary American distance rider Frank Hopkins and his horse Hidalgo. The story shows Hopkins racing in Arabia in 1891 against local horse riders with their Arabian horses. Will he win the race? Find it out watching the movie!

  7. Horse Sense – 1999
    Another Disney Channel original movie to enjoy everywhen you want to feel the taste of nature and the country. Horse Sense is about two young cousins and their life at the family's ranch. The entire movie is a stunning series of adventures and thrilling experiences.

Still unsure about what to do on off days? Just look for these movies and enjoy watching them!

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