6 Great Reasons For Watching This Scorzese’s Classic Movie

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When it comes to choosing a movie to watch with friends or family, you may get lost in the immense selection of the best movies recommended by dedicated forums online, specialized websites, or friends' word of mouth.

The fact is that before you pick a title you should consider the occasion for watching that movie, the reason why you want to watch that particular story, and also the people who will watch it with you.

A Classic Movie Has Always A New Message

+We truly believe that classic movies never lose their charm. They are like certain old savvy people that have always the right words to say at the right time. CasinosNavi says that casino-themed films aren't all the same. They might look similar, but if you dive into the story plot, you realize that each casino movie wants to tell you a different story. A stunning, unbelievable, true story. In fact, most casino-themed movies are inspired by real-life stories of people who got trapped into dangerous adventures within the sub-ground of an illegal gambling environment, for example, or who got to deal with the most intimidating gangsters.

No matter the specific story, what makes all the difference is that each casino-themed movie has always something more to tell you. It's like a new message that you can discover every time you sit to watch it.

Why Martin Scorsese's "Casino" Is Worth To Watching

Stone and De Niro

If you are struggling with what movie title to choose, consider that in the casino category you can find plenty of intriguing films. However, when it comes to depicting the shady business or the violent environment around casino stories, Martin Scorsese has no parallel in the entire history of cinema. That's why his "Casino" stays an evergreen choice for everyone.

There are a ton of good reasons why you should seriously consider watching this movie by Scorsese, a real genius of cinema. If you have already watched the movie, you'll find extra reasons to watch it again!

  1. Real facts and people
    One of the greatest aspects of Scorsese's movies, especially "Casino", is that he loves to base his stories on real people and real facts. When you watch "Casino", you actually can feel the protagonist's emotions like it was you to be there. The characters of "Casino" existed in the real world and they were all people working and living in Las Vegas casinos in the 1970s and 80s.

  2. It was shot in a real casino
    Faithful to its style, Scorsese wanted to shoot his casino-related movie scene in a real-world casino facility, the Riviera in Las Vegas. He refused the typical environment of Hollywood studios as he wanted to convey the true atmosphere of casino life. He shot the scenes after midnight, so the casino's clients didn't get too much disruption.

  3. It depicts Sin City perfectly
    Most movies tend to create a sort of myth around Las Vegas which is what Scorsese doesn't like to do. In fact, his rendition of Sin City is faithful to what it really looked like. Also, his movie depicts the true essence of the city by digging into its sub-ground and revealing the existence of hidden criminal gangs.

  4. One of the best of De Niro's performances
    If Scorsese decided to star De Niro for at least 9 of his movies, there's more than one simple reason. It's not only because there might be a sort of affinity as both of them have Italian origins, but it's also because De Niro could perform the best portrayal of his movies' characters. In "Casino", De Niro takes the role of Sam Rothstein, a Jewish gambling wizard who works for the Italian mob. De Niro worked on Scorsese's character brilliantly, according to worldwide cinema critics.

  5. "Casino" has a unique cast
    Another good reason to consider watching a classic movie is that its cast is usually full of unquestioned cinema stars. Scorsese chose Joe Pesci and Sharon Stone to complete his movie cast for "Casino", which makes it as rare as a giant pearl in the deepest ocean. Where can you find so many stars all in the same movie? If you like high-quality cinema, you know the answer is "Casino".

  6. Scorsese's movie is based on investigative reports
    For this movie, Scorsese wanted to base the story on real facts. So, he used documents and investigative reports to learn about Las Vegas' intricated nightlife with the Chicago mob, corrupted politicians, Midwest mafia, and a lot of intriguing elements that really existed and facts that really happened.

Finally, since "Casino" is a movie that can hold your attention from the first second to the last one, we warmly suggest you consider it next time you want to invite a friend at home for watching movies. You will enjoy it, promised!

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