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21 Jump Street

In theaters March 16, 2012

109 minutes

Finally! Finally, I can write about this movie and tell you how much it made me eat my own words and how much I loved it. Finally, a remake that doesn’t suck. Finally, a movie that had me keeled over in laughter pain from start to finish. Yeah, I liked this movie a lot.
From the announcement of this flick to >finally catching my first screening of it, I was highly critical and apprehensive of 21 Jump Street. At that point, I had enough of seeing Channing Tatum plastered to every movie billing so far released in 2011-2012. Well, Tatum has won my respect and garnered a new fan. I was impressed with how natural comedy came for Tatum and puzzled he hasn’t dabbled in it before.
The comedic chemistry between Jonah Hill as Schmidt and Channing Tatum as Jenko is what really set this film into high gear. 21 Jump Street did a great job exploiting movie cliché’s from the start where the two stars meet in high school. Schmidt is your typical nerd, Jenko is your typical jock and their high school profiles bring them together in police boot camp as they assist each other in the physical (Jenko’s specialty) and written (Schmidt’s specialty) exams. The two would eventually find themselves in the 21 Jump Street program, a program for undercover cops to stake out crime ridden high schools. Schmidt and Jenko are tasked with discovering who is manufacturing a new, highly addictive and dangerous synthetic drug. The comedy never stops.
21 Jump Street is my new favorite film of the last 6 months, and probably the funniest movie I can remember in the last few years. Yes, it is raunchy comedy, but if you know what you are getting into, you’ll agree with my assessment. Oh, and Depp fans won’t be disappointed. Go and support this film!

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