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Disney+ TV Review – ‘WandaVision’ Easter Egg and Episode 1 breakdown!

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Some of my favorite work on Movie Reelist has been hunting down Easter Eggs and discovering connected storylines in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kevin Feige’s forward-thinking roadmap has never ceased to amaze me. While Covid-19 presented his team with severe challenges and unplanned delays, the first episode of Disney+’s new series, WandaVision, indicate impressive planning and execution will prevail in phase four!

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Netflix Movie Review – don’t get stranded ‘Outside the Wire’

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Outside the Wire drones on for almost two hours, seemingly going out of its way to alienate viewers with a questionable, late plot twist. Anthony Mackie does all the emotional heavy lifting – creating some connection with the audience – but the actor can’t save a movie set for self-destruct. With Netflix recently announcing the streamer is releasing a new movie every Friday this year, I hope they start thinking outside the box because outside the wire didn’t work.

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Movie Review – ‘Shadow in the Cloud’ is Twilight Zone meets WWII epic

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Chloë Grace Moretz’s deliciously entertaining presence as Flight Officer Maude Garrett in Shadow in the Cloud will leave most viewers wishing they’d experienced the film on the big screen. The film, combined with its synth-heavy soundtrack, reminded me of my love for John Carpenter. That feeling should help you decide if Shadow in the Cloud is worth your time and money.

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Curtain Raiser – Chloë Grace Moretz battles Gremlins in Roseanne Liang’s ‘Shadow in the Cloud’

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How do you grab my attention? Cast Chloë Grace Moretz as the heroine in an epic wartime flick where she’s not only battling the enemy (and her male allies), but also a terrifying supernatural gremlin. I’m guessing this grabbed your attention as well. Director/Writer Roseanne Liang’s Shadow in the Cloud releases to premium streaming this January 1, 2021.