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Movie Review – Unfriended

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Social media with supernatural flair is a killer combination. A simple night of video chatting between high school friends turns deadly when their conversation is crashed by someone, or something with its own nefarious agenda. Soon these six teens realize that the anonymous entity knows all of their dark secrets and reveals them one by one. Pitting them against each …

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Unfriended – 5 Similar Movies Streaming on Netflix

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Trekking to the theater for the latest blockbuster is an easy decision thanks to the dozens of trailers splattered across our television sets, but how about the less-publicized offerings flying under the radar on a daily basis? Take Netflix for example. They have thousands of movies, but don’t advertise everything available. That would be impossibly annoying. Even if you were …

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Movie Review – ’71

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One soldier’s nightmare on the streets of war-torn Belfast is a claustrophobic thriller worth exploring. Fresh from his turn playing Louis Zamperini in Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken, Jack O’Connell portrays a British soldier dropped in the middle of a violent confrontation between the Catholics and Protestants. His squadron is inadequately prepared for the guerrilla war that erupts from the hornet’s nest. …

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Movie Review – Chappie

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If a robot could think and decide for itself, imagine the possibilities. Would it be considered a help or a hindrance to humanity? Chappie is about to walk that path. With crime on the rise at an alarming rate in South Africa, the police turn to technology to assist in eradicating the widespread threat. This technology comes in the form …