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Goodnight Mommy

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When twin brothers (Cameron and Nicholas Crovetti) arrive at their mother's (Naomi Watts) country home to discover her face covered in bandages--the result, she explains, of recent cosmetic surgery--they immediately sense that something doesn't add up. She sets strange new house rules, smokes in her bathroom, and secretly rips up a drawing they gave her--things their loving mother would never do. As her behavior grows increasingly bizarre and erratic, a horrifying thought takes root in the boys' minds: The sinking suspicion that the woman beneath the gauze, who's making their food and sleeping in the next room, isn't their mother at all.

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  1. No need to tell anyone they wouldn’t believe it. So I would so I would try to get lost and try to survive.

  2. I would ask how this could happen and then ask for help in finding my real mom. Let themknow that I am angry but I forgive them whether they took me or a hospital error. Life is too short. I can’t let it consume me with anger and hostility.

  3. I would call other relatives to see of they have seen or heard anything a out mom. Don’t think I would sleep in the house, visit during the day and speak with neighbors to see what they’ve seen and heard.

  4. I would hope that it would not change our relationship because when you met a person you take them at heart value and the love and respect should not change due to someones identity because the love and respect was given before they were identified. I would still want to know what happen to my mother that does matter, whether alive or dead and I would need proof of either life or her death because you cannot trust someone who withholds the truth and I would need to know why I was not trusted with the truth in the beginning.

  5. My first reaction would be who the hell are you and what the hell is going on? And then I would ask where is my mother?

  6. Well now I think we’re all looking at this from the wrong angle here. I mean if the person in question is in fact someone like Kathy Bates in Misery or Joan Crawford as Faye Dunaway played her in Mommy Dearest then absolutely we should run for the hills. However, if the person under those bandages turns out to be Elizabeth Hurley or Cindy Crawford…..maybe we should just take a moment and see how this plays out 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Well now see I think we are all looking at this from the wrong perspective. Sure if the person in question turns out to be Kathy Bates from Misery or Joan Crawford as Faye Dunaway played her in Mommie Dearest we should definitely run for the hills. However if the person is someone like Elizabeth Hurley or Cindy Crawford….sure you can question it, but let’s just see how this plays out for a little while first…..

  8. I would ask for/ get medical help for the woman under the bandages and call the local police to start a missing person investigation on the whereabouts of my mother.

  9. I would have all their assets frozen until they tell me where my real mom is and what they did with her

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