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The Croods: A New Age movie poster

The Croods: A New Age

In theaters November 25, 2020

Available in stores February 23, 2021


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Movie Synopsis

The first prehistoric family is ready for another rocking adventure! The Croods have survived fanged beasts, natural disasters, and even young love, but now they must face their biggest challenge yet: another family! In search of a new home, the Croods discover a walled-in paradise created by the sophisticated Betterman family (emphasis on the “better”). As they try to coexist, the differences between the two families escalate into a full-blown feud, but when a new threat forces both families to embark on an epic adventure, they must all learn to work together...or they’ll all go extinct!

Special Features

DreamWorks Animation presents THE CROODS: A NEW AGE, a colorful story, brimming with heart and hilarious moments, that is guaranteed repeat viewing for the whole family. Join Grug, Eep, Guy and the rest of the Croods as they face off against the more-evolved Bettermans, releasing on Digital February 9, 2021 and on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-Ray™ and DVD February 23, 2021 from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. Keep the adventure going with THE CROODS: A NEW AGE and go beyond the film with two exclusive animated shorts, a gag reel, deleted scenes and activities the whole family can enjoy together, this fun and entertaining adventure is the must-own family movie of the new year!

The Croods: A New Age, now on Digital & on Blu-ray™ & DVD February 23rd.

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  1. When I was in my twenties I went to live on a kibbutz in Israel. It was a very different way of life – everyone considered equal working together for the common good.

  2. Going from a small town in Kansas where everyone knew everyone to a big State University where there was a diverse group of “strangers!”

  3. Marine Corp Boot Camp San Diego. Yes we found out we were all treated the same and after 100 days we all were the same.

  4. When i was younger, i was always moving which meant having to constantly adjust to new babysitters and new schools. The beginning was always tough because I had to find my footing but I would always make it in the end, even if I only stayed around for a few months.

  5. We moved a lot growing up, so every few years I had to basically start over with a new school, new friends, etc.

  6. Every day on my job doing transportion for people on medi-áid. That don’t trust the system

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