Everyone around psychic Clementine Carter is being brutally murdered by a masked killer dubbed 'The SCALPER.' Is it dead psycho Andrew Lubitz back from the grave, a copycat killer or a horror beyond imagination? Clementine must use her second sight to stay one step ahead of the maniac's blade to solve the mystery.

Cast: Susan Priver (Clementine Carter), Jake Busey (Detective Hayden), Bai Ling (Jade Mei), Kate Patel (Detective Lupino), Scott Vogel (Bob Tarkovskiy)

Director: Chad Ferrin

SCALPER is available on digital platforms January 16, 2024.

Movie Reelist Contributor: MontiLee Stormer
MontiLee Stormer is a writer of horror, dark and urban fantasy. She’s also is a troublemaker, concocting acts of mayhem and despair for her own selfish pleasure. An avid movie watcher, she prefers horror but will see just about anything if you're buying. Poltergeist (1982) is her favorite movie and she actively hates The Shining (1980) due to its racism, misogyny, the butchering of the source material. She could host a TEDtalk on this single subject. Writing about herself in the third person is just a bonus.


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