I always gravitated towards the scarier more intense episodes of my favorite shows. While I enjoyed the magical realism of Fantasy Island (ABC, 1977-1984), I especially enjoyed the darker aspects of the fantasies.  It was the ultimate "careful what you wish for", where the realization of the fantasy often came with a sacrifice.  It wasn't all secretaries who wanted to be models and schlubs who wanted to be rich playboys, lots of Special Guest Stars came to the island to be bad, seek revenge, or disappear.

While some may see this version of Fantasy Islands as a "dark twist" I see it as a natural evolution of the original series (we will never speak of the 1998 reboot). You have been offered your fantasy at any cost. The fantasy will be seen through to the end, at any cost. From the producers of Get Out and Halloween, Jason Blum wants to take you to a place where dreams become lush nightmares, and fear is the currency of fulfillment.

With an ensemble cast including Michael Peña, Maggie Q, Lucy Hale, and Michael Rooker, and directed by Jeff Wadlow,  Fantasy Island comes to theaters Valentine's Day, 2020.

Movie Reelist Contributor: MontiLee Stormer
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