Season 4 of Shudder’s Creepshow begins October 13, and who doesn’t love a little camp with their Halloween frivolities?

Executive producer and showrunner Greg Nicotero brings us another 12 shorts over six episodes, available to binge beginning Friday, October 13 on Shudder and AMC+, and at 10:00 pm ET/9c  every Friday on AMC linear (various networks that stream AMC programming after its initial airing).

I can’t give reviews or post-mortems until after the episodes air, but here’s a rundown of the episodes so you know what to look forward to.

Episode 401 “Twenty Minutes with Cassandra / Smile”

Cassie is being chased by a monster, and endangers a kind stranger when she asks for help- but what can they do? Then, a celebrated photographer is tormented after an award-winning photograph has more consequences than just fame. Writers: Jamie Flanagan, Mike Scannell, Directors: Greg Nicotero, John Harrison

Episode 402 “The Hat / Grieving Process”

A horror novelist’s agent offers him help overcoming his writer’s block, and the struggling author can’t resist. Then, Richard’s wife is attacked and becomes a shell of the woman he loved. He’ll do anything to help her feel better. Writers: Byron Willinger, Philip de Blasi, Mike D McCarty, John Esposito; Directors: Kailey Spear, Sam Spear

Episode 403 “Parent Deathtrap / To Grandmother’s House We Go”

Lyle is a disappointment, and when his parents meddle in his life and their plan backfires, he must deal with the aftermath. Then, Marcia takes her stepdaughter to her grandmother’s house to claim their inheritance, and nothing can stand in her way. Writers: Erik Sandoval, Michael Rousselet, William Butler; Directors: PJ Pesce, Justin Dyck

Episode 404 “Meet the Belaskos / Cheat Code”

The Belaskos get more than they bargained for when they move in next door to a vampire-hating suburbanite. Then, a father and son bond by playing an old video game, but soon find out there’s a reason it was abandoned. Writers: John Esposito, Claire Carreì, Charles Spano; Directors: John Esposito, Justin Dyck

Episode 405 “Something Burrowed, Something Blue / Doodles”

A young couple are gifted everything they could ever wish for… but there’s a catch. Then, an aspiring comic artist keeps hitting roadblocks. As she doodles away her frustrations, she realizes she might have more power than she thinks. Writers: Todd Spence, Zak White; Directors: John Esposito, PJ Pesce

Episode 406 “George Romero in 3-D! / Baby Teeth”

A struggling bookstore owner finds unpublished works of George Romero, but the comics lead to new troubles. Then, Shelby’s mom struggles to accept that her baby is growing up, but hanging on to childhood relics isn’t as harmless as she thinks. Writers: Todd Spence, Zak White, Melanie Dale; Directors: Greg Nicotero, John Harrison

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