America’s favorite Rollergirl mader her first visit to Detroit and the Motor City Comic Con to thrill guests with stories of her lengthy career in TV and movies. Having originally grown up in a religious, conservative family, Heather Graham set teenage hearts on fire in her debut film License to Drive. Playing the role of cheerleader Mercedes Lane, Graham was thrown quickly into the deep end with her much wilder co-stars, Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. As she described them, “they were definitely on drugs” – certainly not a secret as the Coreys were known to partake in extracurricular activities.

Now in her 50’s, Graham reflected back on the many roles she played and actors she worked with – fans particularly interested in those that directed her versus those who worked with her. Well that is except perhaps for Michael Meyers, her co-star in 1999’s Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. As big a role as that was for Graham (in terms of box office), she may be best remembered for her role as Rollergirl in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights. For those who have been asleep for 27 years, that film followed the rise of a teenage boy from busboy to porn star. If Mark Wahlberg wasn’t a star before that movie, his turn as Dirk Diggler definitely took him to the next level (not to mention a certain scene that shall never be forgotten). Graham’s role became so iconic that she recently donated her roller skates to the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, but only after she considered tossing them in the garbage or selling them off for $100 to a fan.

Looking back at Graham’s resume, she has worked with some of the best comedic talents in Hollywood (Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy), most talented directors (aforementioned Paul Thomas Anderson and David Lynch), and iconic films (in addition to the Austin Powers sequel, films like Swingers). Graham will next be seen in two Westerns, including one featuring the beloved Nic Cage.

Graham surprised guests with one infamous former co-star: O.J. Simpson and also didn’t hold back about the less joyous role as SNL host which she described as both “creepy” and “sexist.”

While no longer starring in blockbuster films (Hollywood has a history of turning their backs on older actresses), Graham still has ‘it’ and fans in attendance couldn’t get enough.

Movie Reelist Contributor: Mark Eaton
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