Amy Jo Johnson may not be a household name like Julia Roberts or even Emma Roberts, but ask any nerds from the 90’s who she is and they’ll excitedly scream, “THE PINK RANGER!” So it won’t be a surprised, that Amy Jo Johnson maintained one of the longest lines throughout the weekend at Motor City Comic Con 2024. Fans of hers from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and from her turn as Julie Emrick on CW’s Felicity welcomed her back to Detroit with joy and were also treated to an entertaining panel in which she discussed everything from her new comic book series to her time on MMPR to her love of working with recently deceased co-star Jason David Frank (JDF).

Having quit acting nearly a decade ago, Johnson has focused her attention on writing and directing, or as she called it, her “happy place” but most recently has collaborated with her screenwriter boyfriend, Matt Hotson, to create Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Return, a comic book series that asks the questions: “What if the original Power Rangers had stayed together? Where would they be now?” As Johnson describes, it is her “love letter to the franchise.”

In addition to the limited series comic, Johnson is working on trying to get two features off the ground and is recording music again – a statement that brought smiles to the face of those attending her panel.

Drawing the biggest laughs were a funny story about how a now ex-boyfriend worked as an electrician on-set, but got fired, along with his entire team, when they were caught after hours running around the MMPR soundstage in as the Blue Ranger and how JDF was asked to take a pic of Johnson and a fan as the fan had no idea who JDF was. JDF is clearly missed by fans and Johnson as his name came up often during her hourlong chat.

While this critic has never watched a single episode of MMPR, it became quickly clear why Amy Jo Johnson is so beloved within this community – Johnson is smart, witty, sweet, and just a sweetheart.

Movie Reelist Contributor: Mark Eaton
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