Diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder when she was 18 years old, Charli struggles maintaining healthy relationships, often feeling that the whole world is against her. She attempts to numb the pain with opiates which only drive her further away from the ones she loves. Charli’s condition worsens when she begins developing romantic feelings for her best friend Zee, a kind soul who cares strongly for her but only in a platonic way. Refusing to take her meds, Charli’s illness worsens and her addictions take over. With no hope in sight, Charli quickly spirals out of control, forcing her to take desperate measures.

The latest thriller from writer-director Rich Mallery (Felines, Wicked Game) stars emerging talent Kate Lý Johnston and Kylee Michael. The indie thriller takes an unflinching look at the physical, emotional and eventually romantic tolls that Borderline Personality Disorder takes on Charli (Johnston).

Borderline will debut exclusively on Tubi September 15, 2023. Following a month-long window, Borderline will launch on Cable and Digital VOD, including Prime Video.

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