Movie Reelist is thrilled to announce the latest 'Chatting During the Movie' event scheduled for Saturday, March 28th, 2020 at 10:00 PM ET. This is the only time it is completely acceptable to be chatting with your friends while the movie is playing, so be sure to join!

This week we will (not) be celebrating the delay of No Time to Die, the latest James Bond flick originally scheduled for global release next week. While that's a big ol' bummer, luckily the greatest 007 film ever made, GoldenEye, is streaming on Netflix right now! Go ahead, fight me.

Movie Reelist is going to be chatting during GoldenEye with our fans. We'll be cracking jokes, reminiscing about the past, and sharing facts about the film from thrilling start to explosive end. Until then, be sure you have the necessary high-tech spy gadgets (the app and permissions) installed by reviewing the instructions provided here.

This movie is rated PG-13.

A beautiful Russian mobster and the evil General Ourumov take over a Space Weapons Control Station and arm an attack satellite. The ensuing destruction leaves only one survivor, and James Bond is sent in to investigate. There he makes a surprising discovery as to who is behind all the mayhem.

Movie Reelist Contributor: Chris Giroux
Chris Giroux is founder and editor-in-charge at Movie Reelist, an entertainment news and review blog serving the most fanatic moviegoers. Chris started his publication in Detroit in 2010 and has since reviewed hundreds of films and interviewed numerous talent across the country. He is an avid film festival attendee and red carpet photographer, having shot the likes of Steven Spielberg, Bill Murray, Mark Hamill, and more. Chris grew up in New Mexico, where he studied mass media writing while working in post-production and multimedia authoring. It is also where he discovered Big Trouble in Little China and Escape from New York, resulting in an unhealthy Kurt Russell obsession.

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