We suggested in our initial Big Hero 6 easter egg article that there were many more hidden treasures than we could possibly find in our limited viewings of this fantastic movie. Our readers got in on the fun and sounded off in the comments section with their own discoveries. Many were so significant that we thought it warranted a follow-up post. This is part two of our grand quest to uncover all the secret easter eggs in Disney’s Big Hero 6, including the infamous Marvel D-list characters littered throughout Fred’s secret hideout room.

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13. The Marvel D-List: Droom

Fred's room will be that one scene in the Blu-ray release that will have easter egg hunters freeze-framing for hours. There's so much rich Marvel history catalogued in his collection. The first of which is the Droom costume. Some readers have suggested it could be Manphibian, but we can't say for certain.

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12. The Invincible Iron Cat

Tadashi brings Hiro along for a tour of the Nerd Lab and we can see the odd invention testing taking place in the background. There's a suspicious dude that looks like Tony Stark, as well as Dum-E (Stark's robot arm helper) and a replica arc reactor. There's also a cat being used to test Iron Man boots.

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11. Feast of Graffiti

I learned of this easter egg from Yahoo. Apparently, there is graffiti littered throughout the streets of San Fransokyo that when deciphered spell out "Feast," as in the animated short that plays before Big Hero 6. The scene is about halfway through the movie when Hiro and Baymax are testing phase-1 armor. There is also a twig of parsley and paw prints painted on the wall.

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10. The Marvel D-List: Grogg

Grogg is very easy to spot, but perhaps not instantly recognizable. As the team begins to brainstorm the identity of Kabuki-mask villian in Fred's hideout, you can see just behind the couch a statue of a red dragon. Readers have suggested this could pay tribute to Fred's red dragon Grogg from the comic book version of Big Hero 6.

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9. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Sticker

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit predates Mickey Mouse, but somewhere in history Walt lost control of the character and it vanished from all of Disney. Anyways, some time ago Disney reacquired the rights to Oswald and he is slowly popping up in their franchises, most notably Disney's Epic Mickey on game consoles. You can catch him stuck to the ceiling of Hiro's bedroom, a shot you can see when Hiro spills his toy shelf.

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