An Afternoon of playing Mean Girls at Paint Nail Bar in Birmingham, MI

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On Tuesdays we see movies:

And this past Tuesday we screened Paramount Picture’s Mean Girls and a little surprise was waiting for us.

It isn’t every day you open a pretty package and find not only cool gifts, but also an afternoon of luscious pampering, but that’s exactly what happened. Paramount Pictures was kind enough to send along a gift bag chock full of goodies for the upcoming theatrical musical Mean Girls, and somehow knew I needed my nails done.

In my goodie bag was a light blue sweatshirt with the Mean Girls logo and the words “She doesn’t even go here” across the hood, a selfie light, a key chain, a giant tumbler, my very own Burn Book, and of course, a poster for my collection.


So fetch. Even Crow thought so.

I may have to hide the hoodie from Raposa.

On Wednesdays we wore pink and blue and with our tumblers, books, and hoodies because it was a chilly Michigan day, we found ourselves in Birmingham, MI at Paint Nail Bar.

After checking in we were treated to mimosas while we picked out our colors. I opted for a soft pink gel shellac because I knew I had a lot of typing ahead of me.

The lovely Sandra took care of me, treating my dry, neglected hands and hideous cuticles like fine silver and earnestly got to work transforming them into the hands of a woman who’s never worked a day in her life. It was magic.

Then we took photos and pretended like we owned the place while talking crap about imaginary people.

It was such an amazing experience I booked a follow-up appointment on the spot.

Thanks again to Paramount Pictures for the lovely afternoon, and to the gracious ladies of Paint in Birmingham: thanks for playing with us!

Don’t forget to check out Mean Girls in theaters Friday, January 12, 2024


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