Movie Reelist is thrilled to present Chatting During the Movie!

Greetings friend! On behalf of the creators here at Movie Reelist, we sincerely hope you're in good health and good spirit during your home quarantine. This is a tough time in our history and we thank you for visiting our small corner of the internet.

Social distancing does not have to be lonely. We love movies, and if you're reading this, so do you. But it's not just about what's happening on a jumbo 50-foot screen that we enjoy. There's also the social aspect. Whether it be gripping the arm of our partner during a gruesome murder scene or laughing with the entire theater crowd in an intensely humorous dialogue exchange, we love watching movies together. The Coronavirus pandemic is doing its best to take that away from us.

Not on our watch!

What if we could watch movies from the comfort of our own home and discuss (yes, we're breaking all the rules!) the movie in reel-time and in-sync with the feature?! We can you guys!

Talking During the Movie

"Chatting During the Movie" attempts to bridge the community aspect of the movie-going experience with home quarantine protocol by creating a managed chatroom and synchronized content presentation for all attendees. TL;DR: we are throwing a Netflix party!

Saturdays at 10:00 PM ET; future screenings will be announced via the Reel Updates Newsletter.

  1. Requires a mobile device (i.e. iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.) with high-speed data plan or Wi-Fi connection. PC and Streaming Box apps are currently unavailable, but casting from a mobile device is possible depending on network speed and setup.
  2. Requires a current Netflix streaming subscription.
  3. Download the free Rave app from your device's app store.
  4. Create an account on Rave using Facebook, Twitter, or Google.
  5. Sign-in to Netflix and allow access to the Rave app.
  6. Update your Reel Updates subscription to include "Chatting During the Movie" announcements.
  7. Recommend future screenings by joining the Movie Reelists Facebook group.
  8. Wait for the chatroom link provided in the Reel Updates email and Facebook group. This link will be sent 5 minutes prior to showtime.

Questions should be directed to social[at]

Disclaimer: "Chatting During the Movie" is a public chatroom. While Movie Reelist admins will make every attempt to ensure a safe experience for all attendees, we make no warranty. Content ratings will be announced prior to screening. A text transcript and/or video and audio recordings of conversations in the public chatroom may be shared publicly at Movie Reelist's discretion. Movie Reelist is not associated with Netflix and/or Rave. Please visit the corresponding app's privacy policy page for information about the data these apps collect. For Movie Reelist's privacy policy please visit this link.